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These tactical wrap around grips feature a hand filling design, an upswept thumb-rest and a palmswell that provide enhanced gripping and endurance for a steady non-slip control, greater comfort and improved shooting accuracy.

The wrap-around grip panels fully support your hand to ensure secure, no-slip, one or two hand hold and improved trigger finger location.  The enhanced grip and handgun control along with the comfortable thumb-rest, help you concentrate on a smooth, consistent trigger pull resulting in improved accuracy and rate of fire.

These superb tactical pistol grips will fit most Russian (Soviet Union), Hungarian, Romanian, Polish and Chinese Tokarev variants handgun models.  However, kindly note, that some of the handgun models might require the grips to be slightly modified by sanding some of the interior material.


  • Enhanced Grip & Comfort For Accurate Shooting
  • Molded from durable synthetic material
  • Provides a soft recoil absorbing feel without affecting accuracy
  • Horizontal serrations and upswept thumb-rest on the left for improved comfort
  • Will fit most Tokarev TT33 Models, Chinese Type 54, Norinco Model 213, M20, TU-90, Model 213B  and NP-17
  • Military Tactical Surplus in new or like new condition
  • Mounting hardware included



Material:Synthetic / Plastic
Classification:Tactical / Military
Condition: Surplus New or like new condition
Compatibility:Most TT33 Models, Chinese Type 54, Norinco Model 213, M20, TU-90, Model 213B, NP-17
Weight:2.1 oz


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