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A rarity nowadays, this Mosin Nagant leather sling was used early on in the issuance of the Model 91/30 rifles to the Red Army, police and homeguard units. It is the original pattern used before mass production of the canvas sling so often found today. These slings are made with the brass square buckle and leather loop ends.

One of the most important accessories for your Mosin Nagant rifle is a quality sling.  With the impressive weight and recoil of the rifle, shooting with a sling will greatly help in controlling the recoil and keeping your rifle on target.  This Leather Sling will give you comfort and support making it easy to carry your rifle all day long.

Each Mosin Nagant Sling made of a heavy duty leather strap that is comfortable and durable, and a heavy duty solid steel sling buckle.  They measure approximately 1.5 inches wide and include the original “dog collar-style” leather attachment straps. The slings are fully adjustable and each one is in factory new condition.  These Mosin Nagant slings are two-point slings, a design that features two attachment points and utilizes the two sling mounts found on the rifle (below the barrel and in the butt stock).  When attached, two-point slings allow a shooter to carry a rifle over one shoulder or across the back – freeing the hands and making transport much easier.


  • Suitable for shooting at the range or while hunting in the field
  • Versatile – can be used with other firearms and D-rings products
  • Complete with Dog Collar straps for easy attachment
  • Made of reinforced heavy duty leather
  • Fully adjustable length
  • Solid Riveted Construction


Sling Material:Leather
End Tabs and Keepers Material:Leather
Sling Color:Dark Brown
End Tabs and Keepers Color:Dark Brown
Width:1.26in / 3.2cm
Length:36in /  (when fully open)
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