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The Escort Raider is a versatile, multi-purpose, box magazine fed, semi-auto, tactical shotgun intended for police use, home defense and practical shooting as-well-as competition, dynamic shooting, wilderness protection and hunting.  These shotguns are based on a well-proven and successful line of Escort semi-auto shotguns, modified with addition of detachable box magazine feed system.

The Escort Raider comes with fully adjustable fiber optic ghost ring sights, picatinny rails for mounting optics and accessories, and AR-15 style magazine and bolt release, a tactical forend and a pistol grip tactical stock.  The 3 inch chamber along with the Hatsan smart piston technology allows the Escort Raider to function with all types of shot shells ranging from target loads to heavy slug and buckshot loads by utilizing a self-regulating gas operated action with annual gas piston, which is located around the tube that runs below the barrel, inside the forend – this unique system optimizes the gas flow and ensures smooth working during almost any conditions.  In addition, thanks to the Smart Valve Piston, most of the recoil is eliminated before it reaches your shoulder improving shooting conformance, reducing barrel-lift and resulting in fast target acquisition.

With drop spacer shims the slope of the durable advanced polymer stock, can be adjusted to allow for a perfect fit. The barrel is chrome plated and is therefore oxidization proof.  This model also includes a 2-shotshell emergency holder to the stock and an elastic butt pad for ultimate recoil absorption.

About Hatsan Smart Piston Technology:

The Smart Valve Piston automatically adjusts the exact gas pressure needed for a wide range of loads from 7/8 oz (24gr) shot loads to heavy 2 oz (57gr) magnum loads. When firing light loads almost all of the gases are used to operate the action and only a small portion is exhausted. When firing heaviest magnum & double magnum loads most of the gases are exhausted and only a portion of the gases are used to operate the action. Escort’s patented Smart Valve Piston automatically self-adjusts this reliably even if you mix different size & weight shot shells in the magazine and Escort shoots them all. Also, thanks to the Smart Valve Piston, most of the recoil is eliminated before it reaches your shoulder giving shooting conformance, reduced barrel lift and faster swing on targets. Smart Valve Piston is standard on all Escort semi auto shotguns.



  • Detachable Box Magazine
  • Smart Valve Piston for Ultra Reliability with ALL Loads
  • Fixed Cylinder Choke 20” (51 Cm) Barrel for Shot or Slugs
  • Flash Suppressor and Additional Muzzle Cap Is Included
  • Ghost Ring Adjustable Rear Sight Integrated on The Picatinny Rail and Adjustable Fiber Optic Front Sight
  • Picatinny Rail Fitted on Aircraft Alloy Receiver
  • 2-Shotshells Holder Insert in Stock for Emergency
  • Spacer Shims to Adjust the Slope of The Stock for a Perfect Fit
  • Durable Advanced Polymer Compound Synthetic Stock
  • Integrated Pistol Grip with Elastic Material Cover for Better Feel and Hold
  • Ergonomic Design Forend with Integrated Picatinny Rail
  • Oxidation Proof – Chrome Plated Barrels Made of Chromium, Nickel, Molybdenum Steel
  • Rugged Black Matte Finish
  • Elastic Butt Pad for Recoil Absorption
  • Manual Cross-Button Trigger Safety
  • 5 Round Box Magazine – Plug Included for Hunting
  • Sling Swivels on Stock and Magazine Cap


Action: Semi Auto

Barrel Color: Black

Barrel Finish: Matte

Barrel Length: 20” / 51cm

Barrel Material: Chrome Plated Steel

Caliber: 12 GA

Magazine Capacity: 5

Magazine: Detachable Box Magazine

Overall Length: 42.3” / 107.5cm

Chamber: 3” / 76mm Magnum

Receiver Color: Black

Receiver Finish: Anodised

Receiver Material: Aircraft Alloy

Stock Color: Black

Stock Finish: Matte

Stock Material: Synthetic

Stock Type: Tactical with Shotshell Holder

Weight: 8.6lbs / 3.9kg

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