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Introducing the K100 X-Trim, 9mm Semi-Automatic handgun.  This model has a unique set of features that really set it apart from other pistols on the market.  The rotating barrel tames the recoil and makes shooting this handgun feel like a much lighter caliber giving you fantastic handling characteristics, quick target acquisition and excellent hand-control.  The steel reinforced polymer frame and a chrome-nickel molybdenum slide has a significant design emphasis on ergonomics for ease of function.

The barrel, slide, and other metal parts are treated with Tenifer coating, which hardens the metal components and increases resistance to corrosion.   The black polymer frame houses a steel chassis that contains the slide rails, crosspin, trigger group, and a feed ramp for the barrel. The frame is generally smooth with raised textured panels on the sides and rear of the grip area.

The K100 design and action have some serious benefits not found on many other higher priced guns. Instead of a tilt-barrel (a modified Browning design), it uses a rotating barrel that disengages a lug on the barrel from a channel in the slide while the bore axis remains in the same orientation to the slide and frame which positions the barrel slightly lower in the frame, putting it closer to the shooter’s hand. This in turn reduces the recoil’s leverage on the shooter’s wrist and makes it easier to control muzzle flip. As a result, the sights get back on target faster, shooting the gun is easier and accuracy is significantly increased compared to many other guns of similar size and caliber.

The trigger is very smooth with an incredibly small amount of takeup and a very predictable, linear feel.  The single action is a crisp, clean and has very little overtravel with a positive reset that allows fast and very accurate shooting.

With the shooter’s comfort factor in mind, this model comes with four interchangeable back-straps of different sizes insuring the grip size can be adjusted to suit most anyone.  And it is easy to do – just pry the back-strap off and snap on a replacement.

The K100 is equipped with a firing pin block drop safety.  Not until the trigger is pulled does the firing pin block disengage and allow the firing pin to be driven forward by the hammer to strike the primer.  The purpose of this design is to keep the firing pin from being driven forward if the gun is dropped and prevent unintentional discharges.

If you have not heard of Grand Power or had an opportunity to get your hands on one, you are missing out on a fantastic firearm.

Caliber: 9mm Luger

Trigger Mechanism: SA / DA

Trigger Pull Weight: 20-25N / 35-40N

Overall Length: 202.5mm

Height Without Magazine: 133.5mm

Width: 36mm

Barrel length: 108mm

Weight Without Magazine: 680gr

Weight With Empty Magazine: 790gr

Standard Magazine Capacity: 10



  • StorageCase
  • 2 x 10-Round Magazines
  • Additional Alternate Front Sight
  • Additional Alternate Back Straps
  • Dynamic Rear Sight
  • Fiber OpticFront Sight
  • Cleaning Brush
  • User Manual


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